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Southern Miss Eagles Small Teardrop Flag

Southern Miss Eagles Small Teardrop Flag is 4' in height when setup and includes the teardrop swooper flag, 1.5M pole, and sturdy ground stake mount. The screen printed logos are printed on single sided polyester, and each teardop is Officially Licensed by NCAA and the Southern Miss Eagles.
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Item ID#: SW-09501TD01G
The Southern Miss Eagles Small Teardrop Flag complete set includes a 4 x 1 foot swooper feather flag, a two-piece flexible fiberglass 5' pole, pole connector, and a plastic PVC ground mount. When the teardrop flag kit is fully setup, the flag has a height of 4 feet tall!

The teardrop flag is made of weather resistant, 150D single-layered polyester and the Southern Miss Eagles logos are screen printed so they are viewable on both sides with the opposite side being a reverse image. The two piece pole is made of flexible fiberglass and the ground stake is made of black PVC plastic.

Setting up your small teardrop flag set is easy. Start by connecting the two-piece pole with the connector. Secondly, slide the pole through the sleeve of the flag starting at the bottom and slowly slide the pole until the tip reaches the top of the sleeve. Thirdly, while holding the tension on the top of the sleeve, pull the remaining flag sleeve down the pole and attach a tied loop to the ground stake to hold the tension. Lastly, place the assembled flag into the soil by carefully pushing the ground mount into the ground.
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